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Well, I am finally back in the land of the living and over that terrible cold/cough that plagued me for 2 weeks!  And what better way to celebrate than to work in the garden!  The hubby and I have been working dilligently and the garden looks wonderful.  Before I got sick, the hubby and a friend measured and cut recycled plastic timbers for vegetable beds, then the hubby and I installed them.  Then I got sick, so nothing happened for 2 weeks.  Now that I'm better, we leveled the dirt in the beds and moved some of the perennials in them around.  We also planted some seedlings with the help of another friend who likes weeding and was thrilled to come over and help us prep.  Today, I planted most of the seeds and did some more weeding.  I also got a major sunburn on my shoulders and arms.  Ouch!  I have got to remember to put on sunscreen even on overcast days!
Tomorrow, the hubby and I will finish the weeding, finish planting the seedlings and seeds, and then sit back and wait for things to start growing!  Unless it rains too much, and then we'll have to wait a day or two. 
I feel very accomplished (and sunburned).  :-)


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