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After driving the hubby to the airport, I drove to not 1, not 2, but 3! bookstores!

I was feeling the need for some alone time away from the family after being here for a week, and it was just lovely. I did get 'lost' 3 times (once while talking on the phone and not being in the right lane, once because the hubby entered the address wrong into the gps, and once because the store moved 2 years ago and the yellow pages didn't know about it when I looked it up), but it all worked out in the end.

My 1st stop was Midway Books in St. Paul, where I picked up the following:

book loot )
Then, I went to Uncle Hugo's and spent the entire rest of my book budget for the year! Oops.

book haul )
My 3rd stop was Dreamhaven, but unfortunately, between their small selection of used books and the fact that I had already been to the other stores, I didn't end up buying anything there!  I did pick up a progress report for Diversicon, which I am thinking of attending. 

I am now going to commune with my darlings and devise a plan to get them into the house next week without the hubby noticing...


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