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I've gotten some sleep and am getting over being exhausted.  I do feel like I've been on a bit of a roller coaster since last week.  After a while of sitting around waiting for things to happen, I guess I can't complain anymore.  So, in review...

Final round interview in the morning. Went well.  Was told I'd hear by Monday.
Drove directly to celebration lunch with my brother, who is now one of only a handful of high school graduates in our entire extended family!  Given that we have approximately 50 cousins, this is both exciting and sad.  This fall, he will be the second person in the family to go to college! (I'm the first)  Again, both exciting and sad.  As his graduation present, the hubby and I will be outfitting his dorm room with all the necessities like sheets, a laundry basket, and a case of Ramen noodles.  He seemed very excited about that.
After lunch, we went to the mall down the street and I finally found shoes for the NY wedding! After looking for over one month and going to 9 stores and still not having shoes on the day before we were supposed to fly out, I was starting to worry!
Went home to pack and write thank you notes for the morning's interview.
Got a call that the hubby's cousin's husband died and the funeral was Monday.  The cousin was very sick, so it wasn't completely a shock, but still, his wife and mother-in-law are pretty devastated.

NYC wedding, plus hanging out time with WisCon folks!
Dad flew in for the funeral from Minneapolis at the same time we did on Sunday and came home with us.

Got a call with a job offer first thing in the morning!  Yayy!  I have to be approved by the organization's Board before it's official, so no details until then.
Funeral and shiva.  Not yayy. 

Drove Dad to the airport. 
Spent lots of time catching up with email, voicemail, and LJ and DW. 
Went grocery shopping and then back to suburbs for shiva.

Finally feel caught up on sleep!

Back to regular life.
Last night of shiva.

Spent time in the garden!  It's amazing what weeks of rain and heat will do for a jungle garden!
Made a delicious dinner from the garden.
Caught up with some television.  Yayy for the DVR!
Currently suffering from insomnia.  It's ok though, since it gives me time to write this post and listen to the rain.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled life...
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